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December 3, 2014
Alliance with Industry Key to Combating Cyber Threats

Cummiskey talks with Federal News Radio about government/industry outreach

Washington DC---Former DHS Acting Under Secretary Chris Cummiskey recently spoke with Federal News Radio’s Francis Rose about the importance of industry involvement in combating ongoing cybersecurity threats.

“Upwards of 85% of the US infrastructure is in the hands of the private sector. The government must continue to push for meaningful engagement with our partners across the economic sectors,” said Cummiskey.

"One of the things that we're seeing over the last several years is really a targeting by nation-state actors as well as criminal syndicates on things like government personnel data systems and these control systems that are used in the critical infrastructure — whether it's energy or dam control or things of that nature — and so we're seeing an uptick in that kind of activity," Cummiskey said on In Depth with Francis Rose.

In recent years, the Department of Homeland Security, on behalf of the Federal government, has taken steps to build stronger alliances with industry partners in major acquisitions such as the National Cybersecurity Protection System (Einstein) and with the Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation Program (CDM).

Cummiskey spent six years in senior leadership at DHS and had oversight of cyber programs as the Chief Acquisition Officer for the department.

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Better public-private relationship key to preventing next cyber attack by Jory Heckman 

Federal News Radio Goes In-Depth with Chris Cummiskey

NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers went to Capitol Hill recently with the message that a major cyber attack on US critical infrastructure is likely by 2025.

Federal News Radio’s Francis Rose this week turned to former senior DHS official Chris Cummiskey for analysis on what the government can do to prevent and mitigate such an attack.

“The Director is right on point to raise this issue now with Congress,” Cummiskey said. “The more we strengthen relationships with the private sector, the more likely we are to fight off a serious attack by Nation-States or other adversaries.”

“Beyond the breaches we are seeing in the financial services industry, we know there is constant probing of other key sectors such as power, chemical and communications,” added Cummiskey.

Cummiskey spent 6 years at DHS, much of the time working to build programs like the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS) and the Federal government-wide program on Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM).

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Former DHS Acting Under Secretary for Management Chris Cummiskey will be writing a monthly Blog for the Federal Times, a Gannett Company. His first installment covers acquisition improvements underway at DHS.

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Washington DC-----Former Department of Homeland Security Senior Official Chris Cummiskey announced today the formation of a consulting firm in the Washington DC region specializing in cybersecurity, IT, homeland security and management consulting.

Cummiskey, who served for the past year in the number three job at the department as Acting Under Secretary for Management, recently left after six years in DHS senior leadership. He also served as the department's Chief Acquisition Officer, Performance Improvement Officer and Senior Sustainability Official.

During his tenure at DHS, Cummiskey was recognized for his efforts to strengthen government-wide cybersecurity, enterprise IT, department-wide management and acquisition oversight.

Cummiskey also co-chaired several key cyber committees at DHS including the National Cybersecurity Protection System (Einstein), the Executive Steering Committee on Cyber Strategy, the Acquisition Review Board on government-wide Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM), the Executive Steering Committee on Cyber Hiring and the Oversight Committee on the Implementation of President Obama's executive order on cybersecurity.

"I am excited to be working with private sector firms in the region who bring an enormous amount of talent and resources to National Security issues," Cummiskey said.

Cummiskey's firm, Cummiskey Strategic Solutions, LLC will work with companies on strategic development, methods for providing better value, cybersecurity, IT issues such as government information sharing, cloud-based approaches and Big Data, as well as strengthening organizational and performance management.

Chris Cummiskey is a Nationally recognized leader in technology, innovation and cybersecurity. He served as the Chief Information Officer for the State of Arizona for six years where he was credited with establishing the state's first cybersecurity plan and the creation of the Arizona Cyber Information Security Office.

Prior to serving as the State CIO and Director of the Arizona Government Information Technology Agency, Cummiskey was elected to six terms in the Arizona State Legislature. As a state senator, he was instrumental in developing technology solutions to improve government service delivery.

Cummiskey Strategic Solutions, LLC
P.O. Box 40441
Washington DC 20016  (coming soon)


DHS Acting Under Secretary for Management Chris Cummiskey recently ended a nearly six year run in senior leadership at the US Department of Homeland Security. Most recently, Cummiskey served for over a year as the number three in the department and as the DHS Chief Acquisition Officer. During his tenure, he is credited with strengthening DHS cybersecurity efforts, modernizing enterprise IT and enhancing acquisition oversight. Prior to joining DHS, Cummiskey served as the Arizona State CIO and as an Arizona State Senator for 18 years.


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